SL FINANCIAL is an independent actuarial advisory firm. We offer complete actuarial solutions in both traditional (re)insurance and alternative risk financing entities (e.g. captives or insurance-linked securities); to individuals and small and medium enterprise (SME) across virtually all jurisdictions. Services include:

Process of estimating reasonable accruals for the unpaid loss and loss adjustment expenses to be booked in balance sheet

Estimate Ultimate Claims
Estimate Claims-Related Expenses
Variability in Reserves Estimates
Result Monitoring
Actuarial Audit and Due Diligence

Statement of Actuarial Opinion or Loss Reserve Specialist Certification
Statutory Credit for Reinsurance
Premium Asset on Retro Rated Policies
Statutory Surplus: Computation, Pricing, and Valuation
U. S. Income Taxes: Regular Income Tax vs. Alternative Minimum Income Tax

Trending Procedures

Risk Classification
Loading for Catastrophe and Large Claims
Rate & Form Filing
Predictive Analytics - process of analyzing data at most granular level to help unlock descriptive information allowing to better segment, price, market and manage products

Measuring Financial Strength
Solvency Monitoring: NAIC IRIS Ratios or ORSA
Regulatory Capital: NAIC Risk-Based Capital or Rating Agencies Required Capital
Capital Management: Economic Capital Modeling, Aggregation, or Capital Allocation

One of the most common and efficient risk transfer mechanism involving a buyer, a seller and their intermediaries. SL FINANCIAL has provided services to all three parties for over a decadeā€¦

Program Design and Strategy
Risk Transfer Testing
Commutation Analysis

Discipline by which an organization in any industry assesses, controls, exploits, finances, and monitors risk from all sources for increasing the organization short-and-long term value to its stake holders

Risk Categories and Identification
Risk Modeling and Aggregation
Risk Appetite: Linkage with Strategic Planning
Risk Measures (VaR, TVaR, EPD, etc.)
Responses to Risk
ERM Framework

Rent-an-Actuary is the complete outsourcing of the actuarial function. The idea is that companies with punctual needs of actuarial services (e.g. ratemaking or loss reserving) can benefit from the full range of additional services provided by the chief actuary, including but not limited to:

Plan, Budget and Results
Interaction with Underwriting, Claims, Finance, or IT
Interaction with External Stakeholders e.g. Rating Agencies or Regulators
Reinsurance Structuring and Optimization
Valuation for Mergers and Acquisition



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